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nmake errors


hi,i am new to wireshark trying to build a disssector.i've downloaded all the required tools-vs2010ee,pyton,cygwin,svntortoise.i am not able to download from trunk through svn in my company,though it worked in my i just copy pastedinto c:\wireshark.i am not able to verify the tools or install libraries using nmake. i am getting different errors at differnt times. 1)nmake not recognized as an internal or external command 2)nmake cannot make '-f' stop(checked with minus/hyphen solution,but in vain) 3)your moon-man"win32"architecture confuse us. 3)file'win32.mak'not found(on installing libraries). plz help asap..really urgent..thanks

asked 12 Mar '13, 02:53

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It sounds as though your build environment isn't correct, you must follow the developers guide to the letter, any skipping of steps is likely to cause failure.

Taking your reported issues in turn:

  1. nmake not recognised - You haven't prepared your command prompt to use the Visual Studio executables, see this step.
  2. nmake cannot make '-f' - The command you should use is nmake -f Makefile.nmake from the top level directory of the Wireshark source tree. You should verify your setup with nmake -f Makefile.nmake verify_tools as per this step.
  3. Very odd. The reported error is if the make variable WIRESHARK_TARGET_PLATFORM is not set to win32 or win64.

Just a thought, you are running from a cmd.exe prompt and not a cygwin one?

answered 12 Mar '13, 04:54

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thanx..i had skipped windows sdk .but,i got another error which i asked as another question.

(13 Mar '13, 01:16) ajain