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Using Wireshark to sniff local ODBC driver activity


Hello I am not satisfied with the ODBC driver embedded tracing tool in the ODBC manager of Windows 7 and was wondering how I could use Wireshark to monitor the activity over ODBC drivers? I read that some of you did use it but I was not able to monitor anything related to this kind of traffic. I am using Windows 7 and my ODBC client and database (Mysql or SQLserver Express) are on the same PC. Thanks for any hint, details much appreciated... Christophe

asked 14 Mar '13, 08:03

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For a db on the same machine I don't think the drivers send data anywhere near the network so Wireshark won't be much help. Even if the mysql driver does, it will be "short-circuited" by the OS so won't get near the NIC so WinPCap (the library that Wireshark uses to make captures) won't see the traffic.

answered 14 Mar '13, 08:18

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