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How do I run a Lua script with tshark?


I get an error when I try to run a Lua script with:

tshark -q -z io,phs -Xlua_script:trace_stats.lua -r <trace.pcap>

What is wrong with this command?

asked 27 Mar '13, 05:32

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edited 27 Mar '13, 15:41

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What is the error message?

(27 Mar '13, 06:35) helloworld

Works fine for me.
Can you do a "tshark -v" and post the output here? Also post the exact error it printed out please.

(27 Mar '13, 12:21) Hadriel

thanks for helping me helloworld and Hardiel

(05 May '13, 07:59) Ashraf