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LAN slowdown


Hello, may any expert can help me please?

My LAN runs very slow and I am trying to find out why. Please see the capture I made with Wireshark (see below the link to download the file), where it seems there are wrong or repeated packets or lost packets.

I know the cable is fine, as sometimes I reached high speeds, I believe it is something with the router, the terminals, or any other thing.

Thanks a lot,


asked 31 Mar '13, 13:26

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From a quick look I can see nothing special going wrong. You have a couple of lost packets with retransmissions in there, but the retransmission resolving the packet loss comes in quite fast within one RTT after the loss had been reported - it doesn't get any better than that. And that you have packet loss to the outside world happens in every network, so unless there are tons of lost packets (which there isn't, in your case) there's nothing really bad going on.

The packet loss will certainly lead to slow results on that speed page you're visiting, but since that page is 60ms away from your testing PC it's not ideal to test your connection speed anyway. There's just too much distance for accidental packet loss to happen.

answered 31 Mar '13, 14:21

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