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Malformed Packet for ICMPv6 Redirect Message



I always get a "Malformed Packet" for ICMP Redirect Message. Does anyone have an idea why or what the problem is?


BR DarkEye

asked 01 Apr '13, 05:55

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One Answer:


That's not the Redirect that gives you the error, it's the Echo inside the redirected header ICMP field that gets the dissector spooked when it's cut short. Not an error in this case.

You could file this nicely documented error on (don't forget to attach this sample capture) for it to be fixed in an upcoming release.

answered 01 Apr '13, 11:22

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Jaap ♦
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Thx a lot.

I also have issues that the redirect has no effect on the receiving host, so I thought this "malformed packet" is the reason. Now I have to look somewhere else ... :-)

Thank you very much.

(01 Apr '13, 12:56) TheDarkEye