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How to display " Full request URI" in the Columns please?


Hi, I got a problem using Wireshark. When I used wireshark to capture packets,only display seven columns,number,time,source IP,destination IP,protocal,length,infomation.I want to display "Full request URI",But there are no "Full reques URI" in the "Display All" which contained in the "Displayed columns".How to display " Full request URI" in the Columns please?

Tips:I had seen someone's wireshark that could display "Full request URI" in the columns,but he didn't know how to set.

asked 06 Apr '13, 19:58

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One Answer:


Go to the packet details pane and expand the HTTP Request which contains the field "full request URI" and right click on that field .You can get a new window with multiple options where u will see apply as column .Click that and you are good to go.Your full request uri will be displayed as column along with 7 defaults in your packet list pane.

answered 06 Apr '13, 20:09

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Thanks,let me try.

(07 Apr '13, 04:45) manlei

Thanks a lot! As you say ,I successfully added "Full request URI" in the columns.

(08 Apr '13, 01:06) manlei

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