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please check for me.


link text No. 1 is the wireshark file.

link text

No.2 is the error file. Could you check for me between and any packet lost?

Because I see with red color line.

Thanks, Ko Htwe

asked 22 Apr '13, 19:39

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One Answer:


Ko Htwe,

What is the "problem" that you are seeing?

As far as I can see the RST packed in red is simply the end of a successful TLS conversation between the client to the SIP server. The client initiated the close with a FIN, the server ACKed that, but also followed up with the RST.

There is an immediate followup conversation (initiated at 4284) that seems to use the same certificate, and is still going on at the end of the capture.


answered 22 Apr '13, 21:03

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