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will wireshark move to native mac windowing instead of X11?


X11 bulky and the interface is pretty crappy all the way around. any chance wireshark will have a native mac GUI display written for it?



asked 23 Apr '13, 08:57

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There are no plans for a native OSX port, but work is progressing on a QT port. One of the features of QT is that it uses native widgets on each platform, but I don't know how that is achieved, or how successful that is on OSX.

Edit: After a quick scan of the docs I believe that QT on OSX doesn't use X11.

answered 23 Apr '13, 09:18

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The toolkit that uses native widgets on each platform is wXwidgets. Qt uses native GUI code in some cases on some platforms, but it doesn't use them universally (Qt Wireshark's file access dialogs aren't native, for example; that's somewhat obvious on OS X).

It does not use X11 on OS X or Windows; it runs atop the low-level drawing layers of those OS's window systems, just as the native widget toolkits do. There's also a version that runs atop X11, where it is a native widget set (e.g., the native widget set used by KDE).

(23 Apr '13, 15:04) Guy Harris ♦♦