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On Windows, can’t capture traffic my machine is sending to itself



I couldn't capture SNTP packets using wireshark v1.10.0 running system (same system is using tool running as both server and client)can anyone help me out of this problem? thanks in advance, monisha

asked 11 Jun '13, 03:17

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Guy Harris ♦♦

did you use any capture filter? If so, please tell us which one. What is the SNTP tool used and what is the OS used?

(11 Jun '13, 03:22) Kurt Knochner ♦

I'm using ntp server and client tool for time synchronisation(same as server and client)i need to capture the data what client is receiving.

I'm not using any filters. can I know what filters I can make use of

(11 Jun '13, 03:41) monisha

One Answer:


If you're running on Windows, then capturing traffic between a client and server on the same machine is difficult if not impossible for the current WinPCap implementation.

Running on another OS such as Linux or OSX this should be possible.

See the Wiki page on loopback capturing.

answered 11 Jun '13, 03:24

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grahamb ♦
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yes I'm using windows 8. using single tool as both client and server. I need to capture the data of what the client receives. can i use wireshark in other windows and capture the data?

(11 Jun '13, 03:47) monisha

The easiest way is to run the client and server applications on different machines, then capture on either machine.

(11 Jun '13, 05:05) grahamb ♦