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Arrival time vs GOOSE timestamp


I am writing a Python program to decode captured GOOSE packets and ran into a little problem. I get a perfect match between my program and Wireshark for the packet arrival time (part of the frame header). In addition, I have a match for the year, month ... down to seconds part of the GOOSE message time. However, I am not getting a match for the decimal part of the time stamp.

GOOSE time in hex: 51 24 f3 bb b0 77 ab 0a

I am matching the first 8 bytes (51 24 f3 bb) perfectly (that's the year, month, ... seconds).

My translation of the rest of the time stamp (b0 77 ab) is 115649710 (my understanding is that th e last one (0a) is for time quality and not part of the time.

Wireshark displays a time of 689325988

What am I doing wrong?

asked 12 Jun '13, 13:19

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May be my question wasn't clear: How does Wireshark get a value of 689325988 from 0xb077ab for the decimal portion of the GOOSE time stamp?

(14 Jun '13, 08:56) ecs1749

Maybe you could post a small capture file to

(21 Jun '13, 21:15) cmaynard ♦♦