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filter for partial IP address


I would like to create a display filter for an with the last 2 octets of an IP address. In this case I want to filter for the IP address . What is the display filter expression using the offset and slice operators or a wildcard expression that I would need to use?

asked 21 Jun '13, 14:06

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If you are looking for a Wireshark display filter that matches either the source or the destination address, then you can use: matches "\.149\.195$"

If you only want the source address:

ip.src_host matches "\.149\.195$"

And if you only want the destination address:

ip.dst_host matches "\.149\.195$"

For more information on wireshark filters, refer to the wireshark-filter man page. Further links are provided there for more information on the "matches" operator, although one of them appears to be broken, so you can use this one instead:

answered 21 Jun '13, 19:58

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Try this one:

ip[14:2] eq 95c3 or ip[18:2] eq 95c3

answered 21 Jun '13, 14:35

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But the negative form of this does not work.

For example, if I want to filter out all traffic from 149.195../16, none of the below work. Did mrproject not post his ip address correctly? Was he trying to filter out 149.195.. or ..149.195? !matches ".149.195$"

! matches ".149.195$" !== ".149.195$"

I thought I had found the answer here:


but the above doesn't work, neither does !=

Final edit:

I got it working with !ip.addr == I didn't realize that is deprecated.

answered 02 Jan '15, 10:12

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he was specifically filtering on the last two octets, so CIDR filters will not help. You need to use regex expressions.

(02 Jan '15, 13:11) Jasper ♦♦