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I can’t install WinPCap?? HELP!!


Okay, so people on steam keep trying to ddos me and do stupid * and my ISP isn't doing about it. So, I am trying to take matters into my own hands. I am trying to get WireShark BUT IT WONT WORK. CommView is *** and confusing! So please, it keeps saying I have an older version and I've gone through all of youtube saying to delete dll. something and I did nothing freaking works. Please help! ASAP. When I open wireshark it says The NPF driver isn't running.. and I can't choose my driver in order to get wireshark to work for me to grab these assholes IP addresses. Help :\

It says "I already have an older version or sometimes it says a "newer version" of WinPcap. HELP

asked 22 Jun '13, 19:00

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