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separating the header from the packet


hi, im still gettin my head around the new software and was wondering how i might go about separating the header from the packet.

i want to be able to use it externally, but every time i copy it i end up with a series of numbers from the Hex (or bits view) depending on what i have enabled. i want the http: link, is there a filter i have missed?

EDIT: pretty much, hope to sniff out the headers that are being run (able to copy) so that i can better maintain my system

asked 09 Feb '11, 05:42

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One Answer:


If you want to copy out all the URLs that are being requested you can enter this display filter into the display filter field: http.request.method. That will give you all packets containing an HTTP request.

Now export the packet list to file: File -> Export -> File -> Select "Displayed" in the Packet Range Box to limit the output to your filter results, and choose "CSV" as your "Save as Type". That way you'll get a comma separated file containing all your requests that you can easily edit with any text editor or - usually even more comfortable - using a spreadsheet program.

answered 09 Feb '11, 07:00

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