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tshark -G doesn’t work with profiles?


Hi all, I'm not sure if that's a bug or something I'm doing wrong, and will appreciate your help. I'm trying to get the list of ports which are decoded as http under the profile "myprofile". If I try doing:

tshark.exe -G decodes -C myprofile | grep http

I get the default profile's decoding list. If however I try

tshark.exe -C myprofile -G decodes | grep http

I get tshark's help page. Any idea how to get the list of ports I'm looking for?

asked 10 Feb '11, 00:42

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One Answer:


What you are trying to do is not currently supported. As far as I can tell, only the default profile's decoding list will be returned regardless of a profile being specified or not.

Moreover, at present, it is expected that if the -G option is specified, then it must be the very first option; otherwise it will appear as an invalid option, which is what you encountered in your second attempt as:

tshark.exe -C myprofile -G decodes | grep http

... and because it's treated as an invalid option, you are "treated" to the tshark usage output.

Anyway, if you desire this functionality, I would suggest filing a bug report for it here.

answered 14 Feb '11, 12:57

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