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So how do you work out the switch port your on?



So i'm a beginner. In a home network, how do you find out what switch port your PC is on?

The wiring was done awhile ago and goes under floor boards etc so cant physically trace the cables.


asked 04 Jul '13, 05:33

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One Answer:


Here are your options:

  • Unmanaged switch: Disconnect the cables on the switch (one by one) until the link status LED on your PCs NIC if switched off. That cable is the one connected to your PC.
  • Managed switch: Connect to the switch (Web GUI or telnet/ssh) and search the MAC address of your PC (ipconfig /all will show you the MAC address). It depends on the switch vendor and model how and where to find the MAC address.

As you are in a home network, you (most certainly) have an unmanaged switch, which means, you cannot lookup the MAC address of you PC on the switch and thus I recommend the "cable unplug method"


answered 04 Jul '13, 05:55

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