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Backporting a wireshark dissector plugin


Hi, i have a custom dissector plugin that i am trying to backport from wireshark 1.11 that i developed it for to wireshark 1.2.18. (It works on 1.11)

Now i get errors while compiling with the old version of wireshark: error C2065 : ENC_BIG_ENDIAN : undeclared identifier

I am using the variable in proto_tree_add_item(tree,id,tvb,offset,length,ENC_BIG_ENDIAN); The same error occurs when i use ENC_NA. I could get rid of the error by replacing ENC_BIG_ENDIAN with FALSE but i am not sure if that is the correct way to do it ?


asked 08 Jul '13, 04:22

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Yes, in older versions the last argument to proto_tree_add_item() was a gboolean named little_endian. So FALSE would be the appropriate value to replace ENC_BIG_ENDIAN.

answered 08 Jul '13, 07:21

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edited 08 Jul '13, 07:22

okej, thanks alot.I was just curious since it fixed the compiler errors but wanted to know that the functionality wasnt affected.

(08 Jul '13, 07:52) Kitg