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How to sniff UDP packets from tablet to wi-fi LED controller



I have a wi-fi LED bulb controller that receives UDP packets from my tablet via wi-fi and then translates into RF signals.

I want to sniff the UDP packets sent from tablet to the controller via wi-fi (sniffing from the computer in the same network)

I am totally new to wireshark and somehow cannot get the settings right..

So for example tablet IP is sending packets to controlelr IP and I am sniffing from my computer (

When I select wi-fi as protocol, no extra settings, run the capture and try to do some traffic to the controller from tablet, I can see no packets with source

Any help would be appreciated


asked 10 Jul '13, 05:49

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One Answer:


If you want to capture Wifi traffic you need either a Linux system or a special hardware adapter on Windows systems (AirPcap adapter).

See the Wiki for a description how to capture Wifi traffic on Linux:


answered 10 Jul '13, 07:11

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Hi, any possibility to do it on a mac? Thanks!

(10 Jul '13, 09:54) chichi

It's described in the link I posted.

(10 Jul '13, 12:39) Kurt Knochner ♦