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Getting Router IPs with wireshark


Okay, so an inconsiderate guy on a website that is prejudice toward me (Dislikes me for no reason) somehow got my ip using wireshark and DDoSed my router for around 5 to 10 minutes. I've only known 1 other person to know how to do this but he's doesn't want to tell me either, he also has proof that he's done it. I'd like to know, how do you perform something like this? and the website was a virtual game so it had a client in a chat system and everything. I'm not going to abuse this technique I just want to know uncase it ever comes handy.

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asked 13 Jul '13, 13:44

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To find your IP address the guy attacking it needs to see a connection to it, or get access to logs that show your IP. For example if you're posting something on a forum, that forum will usually record the IP you're connecting with in it's databases. If the "bad guy" can gain access to the DB (or maybe he even runs it, which would be the easiest way for him) he can find your IP associated with a recent post you did. Recent, because as a normal user your public IP will be changed every once in a while, coming from a DHCP pool of your provider. If you've got a static address, any post will do.

The other way could be that if he interacts with you in any way directly, through chats, a game, whatever, he can looku p his own connection table ("netstat -an" on a command line) and find your IP in it.

DoSing is quite easy, there's tons of tools for that. DDoSing isn't that easy because your attack needs to be a little more sophisticated or may even require access to a botnet. A known example for a DoS tool is the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), (at least) formerly used by anonymous.

answered 13 Jul '13, 14:38

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