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Unable to get post methods


When I start capturing network Im not able to get POST methods except mine. However its able to track other active IP on the Network. And when I use the program from other computer, same thing happens.

asked 14 Jul '13, 00:44

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Rishabh Goyal
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Where are you putting your sniffer(capture)? What type of sniffing option are you using: arp cache poisoning, tap, port mirroring or what?

(14 Jul '13, 03:25) Edmond

One Answer:


Long story short (simplified): In a regular network (switched or Wifi/wlan) you will only see traffic to/from your own system and broadcast/multicast traffic.

Please read the Wiki article about Ethernet Capture Setup (or Wlan Capture Setup). That will explain why you see only your own traffic, unless you prepare the environment for proper network traffic capturing.


answered 14 Jul '13, 04:02

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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