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SNA dissector not called when DSAP 0xc8


Hello, wireshark doesn't interpret the SNA payload contained in udp1200x packets when the LLC DSAP value is not 4 or 8. Some implementations use other values (always multiple of 4). In the testcase appended to the DSAP value in Logical-Link Control is C8. Is there an easy way to 'decode as' SNA ? Thanks

asked 30 Jul '13, 07:18

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The 0xC8 DSAP is only used for HPR NLP packets flowing towards outdated CS/Win platforms. So filing a bug to wireshark is not worth the effort as this software is no longer supported. The alternative for SNA applications on Windows platforms is to use SNA API clients as outlined in

answered 01 Jun '14, 00:26

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