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Mac OS X icon messed up


So I recall in talking about a bug that caused Wireshark to crash, one of the developers mentioned the trouble he was having that the icon would not show up correctly in the Applications folder or the Dock. I found out why (well there may be more than one cause, but here is what caused it here).

The file inside the app that stores the icons located inside the app:(/Applications/ seems corrupt. Some of the small icons (32 pixels and below) look normal, but the larger icons are blank or just a field of gray. I've fixed my copy in the 'quick and dirty hack' sort of way, by scaling the 32 pixel version and copying the (jaggy) copies into the blank boxes for 128, 256 and 512 pixels. The real fix of course is to assure that the original artwork is not corrupted during packaging, download or whenever/wherever it went wrong.

So I guess this is more of an answer than a question, unless someone wants my hacked up .icns file or wants me to reassemble a new .icns file from the original artwork, in which case I believe my email address is registered here.

asked 24 Aug '13, 11:50

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Lubo Diakov
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but the larger icons are blank or just a field of gray

Is this on Leopard or is this on a later release (Snow Leopard or later)?

(24 Aug '13, 11:56) Guy Harris ♦♦

Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.8).

(24 Aug '13, 13:06) Lubo Diakov

One Answer:


Bug 8993. Vote for it.

answered 24 Aug '13, 13:19

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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