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Capturing SNMP Traces to MYSQL Database or CSV file at RunTime


Is it possible via Wireshark to capture SNMP traces to mysql database or any csv file at runtime?

asked 18 Feb '11, 01:51

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One Answer:


There's nothing out of the box that will work as far as I know, but with a bit of scripting you can do just that.

You have a choice of perl,python or lua For perl you'd have to parse output of tshark either via pdml or text directly

Python and lua allow you to write extensions/plugins in wireshark, give you access to filters and dissectors which is pretty cool.

My personal preference would be lua as it's been in wireshark longer and there are more examples out there.

Checkout "Dump VoIP calls into separate files" on wireshark wiki Lua Examples In this example you can see how SIP call records are being dumped into MySQL database. That should get you started.

answered 19 Feb '11, 01:43

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