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wireshark on suse 10



Before reading, please attention, my processor is 64-bit and so my oS is Suse_10 for 64 bit.

I am trying to install wireshark on suse_10(64bit). The host does not have internet access. Therefore, I need to have all the files needed for installation; that is even the dependencies. This is to be able to install wireshark on a host with no internet connection. (Zypper, Yast would complain when no connection. It would try t go to net and find the dependencies.)

Currently, when I execute the rpm command like 'rpm -i wireshark-devel-1.2.8-2.8.x86_64.rpm', of course I get the errors that say, briefly, dependencies needed.

So, what I am looking for is the answer if I can make a "package" which has everything, and everything needed to be able to perform an flawless installation.

And of yes, could you please tell me how?

I would really appreciate your help.

Or, a friend talked about "aptoncd". This works for ubuntu. This software can make the package I want, if I understood my friend correctly. But, what software can I use for "suse_10".

If I can find the software, I am thinking about to install a Suse_10 to my computer, and then using this program I would be able to make a package (that has everything needed in it).

Then, I would take this package to the host that I am trying to install wireshark on.

Can you please help?

thank you in advance..

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If you have an installation disc with all the packages on you could use that otherwise get the individual packages listed in the developers manual and install them.

(20 Feb '11, 21:24) Anders ♦