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Diameter credit control application



I need to know how wireshark dissects diameter protocol and its applications such as ( credit control ). Does wireshark dissects them directly, or uses external tools?


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asked 21 Sep '10, 06:28

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To elaborate on Jaaps answer Dimater is dissected with the aid of xml libraries. AVP names and atributes, enum translation, Application ID names etc comes from those libraries. path: ~wireshark/diamter/ you can add your own stuff to those libraries or update them from trunk with the latest stuff. If things ar missing or wrong in trunk we'd apreciate patches trough some AVP:s are further dissected by subdissectors, such as OCTET STRINGS containing data defined in specificaions.

answered 21 Sep '10, 09:19

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can you specify more which xml libraries wireshark uses?

(22 Sep '10, 06:18) caesar_etos


It has a dissector for that which parses the applications from the diameter sub directory under the Wireshark installation directory.

answered 21 Sep '10, 08:05

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You can browse the sources here: on my win7: C:Program FilesWiresharkdiameter Not sure on Linux. /Anders

answered 22 Sep '10, 13:14

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