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[SOLVED] How to generate Wireshark Binary package for Linux


Hi all, I read the developer guide , chapter 3.12 "Binary Packaging" but there are only MAC OS, WIN32. I don't know whether Debian and Red hat are used for Linux or not. So, could you please tell me how to generate "set up" file for Linux and where it is generated. Thank you so much

asked 16 Sep '13, 01:23

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One Answer:


From INSTALL in the root of the source directory:

9. Run 'make install'.  If you're running a system that supports
   the Apt, RPM, OSX, or System V Release 4 packaging systems, you can
   run one of
    make debian-package # Builds a binary package using dpkg
    make rpm-package    # Builds a binary package using rpm
    make srpm-package   # Builds a source package using rpm
    make svr4-package   # Builds a binary package using pkgmk
    make solaris-package    # Same as "make svr4-package"
    make osx-package    # Builds a binary package for OSX

to make an installable package for your system.

answered 16 Sep ‘13, 02:31

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Do you know where it is generated? For Window package, I see that the developer guide mention the location but for Linux, I don’t see anything. Thanks, grahamb!

(16 Sep ‘13, 03:00) hoangsonk49

find . -name *.rpm

(16 Sep ‘13, 06:38) Kurt Knochner ♦

OK, thanks Kurt. I will try it in this afternoon

(16 Sep ‘13, 18:38) hoangsonk49

BTW there’s no need to update the Question title when you accept an answer. Just click the checkbox to Accept an answer.

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