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Creating a patch for a plugin


I want to create a patch or any sort of tool that would allow for developers who use my plugin to apply the changes to the wireshark releases. I've looked at this document

Now that would be suffice, but it means the developers would apply the patch, then compile wireshark with the made-changes. I don't want them to have to compile it.

So my question is, is there anyway to create a patch that they can apply to their install of wireshark?

Edit: just to clarify further: essentially what I want to implement is a situation where a developer who has wireshark already simply grabs the patch(whether it be an rpm or whatever) from a git repo and installs the plugin to their copy of wireshark through that...

asked 22 Feb '11, 11:50

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One Answer:


The beauty of a plugin is that it is an self contained piece of code, so why not distribute that? But remember to also distribute the source code, as per GPL.

answered 23 Feb '11, 03:59

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Right, but the user would still have to compile it...wouldn't they? As far as I know in order to include your plugin in the build some files needs to be modified as per README.plugins

(23 Feb '11, 08:47) Rodayo