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Start time for a packet capture


I have a device that resets every night at 8:05. I would like to setup wireshark to start capturing at 8:03 every night and capture for 3 minutes. I have found where to stop the capture but am looking for where to set the option to start capturing at a certain real time? Thanks for your help

asked 22 Feb '11, 14:26

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i also want to how to contral the start time of cature packets!

(13 Oct '12, 22:00) boyxiaolong

2 Answers:


You will need to schedule it with task scheduler or cron.

answered 22 Feb '11, 17:18

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Paul Stewart
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and then invoke a little script that starts wireshark for you, like so:

ECHO Starting up tshark with capture options

path=C:\Program Files\Wireshark mkdir D:\NoBackup\WIRESHARK
set subor=D:\NoBackup\WIRESHARK%COMPUTERNAME%%DATE:/=%%TIME:~0,2%-%TIME:~3,2%-%TIME:~6,2%.pcap C:\Progra~1\Wireshark\tshark.exe -i 1 -a filesize:250000 -w "%subor%"

see if that works for you..

answered 14 Oct ‘12, 09:40

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