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LDAP SSL decrypt issue


Hi everybody,

I'm trying to debug LDAP SSL communication and experience a problem with SSL decryption. I start my capturing before any handshake so I'm able to see the whole SSL handshake. But after that an application establishes another session which is a short version with ClientHello->ServerHello, ChangeCipherSpec, Finished. And after that handshake I'm unable to decode client packets while server are still readable.

Could you advise me on a way to resolve that issue so that I could decode all the packets after the second handshake?

Thank you!

asked 24 Sep '13, 06:16

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Does the second SSL handshake use a "TLS session tickets" that was sent in the first SSL handshake? Wireshark does not (yet) supoort session tickets for decryption. You could disable session tickets and use SSL session-id's instead.

If that's not the case, are you able to post both SSL handshakes to

answered 30 Sep '13, 13:38

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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Well, I figured out that the problem starts actually after the malformed packet. It's a frame #27 (packet which Wireshark shows as Application Data[Malformed Packet]). I uploaded the whole session at

and that's a fragment from a SSL debug file starting from a handshake frame. And here I can see some decrypted data from Malformed Packet but just here, not in Wireshark. SSL Dump on PasteBin

(30 Sep '13, 16:23) PhilippGrigo...

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The capture file and the ssl debug file do not seem to match. Could you decrypt the file you posted on cloudshark again (start with an empty ssl debug file) and post the ssl-debug output again?

(01 Oct '13, 00:12) SYN-bit ♦♦

I am facing the same issue, after a malformed packet is seen from the client, all the client data are no longer decoded by wireshark

(09 Jan '14, 03:10) MSK