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How to set column left-justified


Hello all,

Wireshark Version 1.2.5: when I start "Wireshark/Statistics/Service Response Time/SMB..." it will open another window "SMB Service Response Time statistics". All columns are left-justified inside there.

Wireshark Version 1.4.0: Lately I installed the latest Version of Wireshark and the column "Avg SRT" is right-justified now.

I compared all "/Wireshark / Edit / Preferences" settings of both installed Versions, but I did not find any possibilities to change anything.

How could I change this to left-justified again?

Thks a lot for some ideas.


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asked 22 Sep '10, 02:00

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2 Answers:


There is no option to left-justify them.

The change comes from the change in the underlying GUI element; the deprecated element used in Wireshark 1.2 was replace by a new one in 1.4. The code forces all columns right-justified, except for the Procedure column.

answered 22 Sep '10, 03:46

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Jaap ♦
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Hello jaap,

thks for the information! I thought there is a possibility to change it by myself. :-(


(22 Sep '10, 05:30) wenzch


You can solve this by change the language to be English instead of System default.

From the Edit menu, -> Preferences , in the Appearance item (or Ctrl + Shift + P), the bottom droplist sets the Language . By default I think it follows the System Setting --> change to English and it will be left justified

Regards, Yohai

answered 26 Jul '17, 06:56

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