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WireShark does not capture all jar files in java web start ?


I am currently using WireShark to analyze the java web start. When the jnlp is running, it requires some jar files. When I open Java Control Panel -> Java Cache Viewer -> Resources, I see there are (e.g) 20 jar files is downloaded (the cache is cleared before launching the jnlp).

But in WireShark display, I just find out (e.g) 17 jar files.

And this is my filter expression : ip.dst == {myip} && media

So what could be the problem or do I miss something ?

Thank you very much.

asked 07 Oct '13, 21:24

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Tam Thai
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One Answer:


And this is my filter expression : ip.dst == {myip} && media

I don't know what the filter media does, but it might be better to look for the Content-Type of JAR and/or JNLP "files".

JAR files:

http.content_type contains "java-archive" or http.content_type contains "x-jar"

JNLP files:

http.content_type contains "x-java-jnlp-file"


answered 10 Oct '13, 14:45

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