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Do we need sorting while capturing?


Currently we do not support sorting while capturing very well. Is this a wanted feature?

asked 10 Sep '10, 00:20

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stig ♦
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2 Answers:


Not sure it wouldn't be more confusing than useful - I can usually get to see what I want to see in a real-time capture with the careful use of filters

answered 13 Sep '10, 17:43

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I have not seen this type of functionality implemented on any of the tools I am familiar with and so I have a hard time imagining how this would function. The live capture screen is often scrolling by so quickly that any kind of real time sorting would be difficult and may just contribute confusion.

Implemented in a pop-up window like the "Conversations" window makes more sense and seems to function well today.

answered 13 Sep '10, 06:20

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I've wondered for a while if it would be useful to promote the conversation and/or endpoint views to the main window.

(13 Sep '10, 14:50) Gerald Combs ♦♦

Keeping the GUI from becoming cluttered could be a challenge. Perhaps a check-box to make the Conversations window "always on top"?

(13 Sep '10, 17:29) Peter