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Why is wireshark not identified as a safe developer on OS X


When i try to install the last Wireshark 1.10.2 Intel 64.pkg on a fresh copy of Maverick OSX I get:

can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

I know that this can be by-passed by going to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere

Anyone knows the reason of it?

asked 27 Oct '13, 09:34

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One Answer:


We aren't signing packages yet. This should hopefully be fixed in the next few days in the development branch (1.11) and once the signatures have been tested we'll start signing the stable and legacy (1.10.x and 1.8.x) releases.

answered 27 Oct '13, 09:39

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Gerald Combs ♦♦
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Thanks Gerald for the information.

Before installing the package I spent a lot of time to find a link for the checksum (sha1sum) of the package. The only way i found them was by searching online "wireshark sha1sum 1.10.2". The second link that came up was the one which i was searching:

This was not mentioned in any part of the doc's release note:

which can be found after you go to the download wireshark page in the "Having Problem->Installation Notes" section.

This is just a hint, but it will be nice to have it :).

Thanks, Edmond.

(27 Oct '13, 09:52) Edmond

I spent a lot of time to find a link for the checksum

strange, it's directly on the download page.

see Verify Downloads

(27 Oct '13, 10:36) Kurt Knochner ♦

You're right. I didn't see that. Thanks!

(27 Oct '13, 10:40) Edmond

As of r53243 we're now signing 64-bit development packages at I'll integrate signing for other packages over the next few days.

(10 Nov '13, 14:47) Gerald Combs ♦♦

Let us know.

(10 Nov '13, 15:04) Edmond