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Port Mirroring on IP Phone


I have IP Phone set of Huawei made. One of the Ethernet port is connected to Modem for connectivity with service provider. It has another LAN port with label PC. If I want to capture the packets of SIP between my IP Phone and Modem can I mirror the Ethernet Port to PC port and capture the SIP Packets. My IP Phone is not able to register on network and I have to analyse its call setup trace. If anyone can help me how to mirror the physical ports of IP Phone, his / her help will be much appreciated.

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asked 01 Nov '13, 07:39

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You need to check the Huawei manual to see whether it is capable of doing a port mirror of the "Ethernet port" to the "PC port". I expect that this is not possible.

Other possibilities to capture data of the "Ethernet port" of your IP phone are:

  • Capture on a span (mirror) port on the switch to which it connects.
  • Use a HUB between the IP phone and the switch to duplicate it's traffic
  • Use a TAB between the IP phone and the switch to duplicate it's traffic
  • Use an extra (small) switch with port mirroring capabilities to mirror the traffic. But be careful that you match the vlan configuration of the port so that you are not blocking some vlans that are needed by the IP phone.

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