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troubleshooting “Bogus IP length”. Causes?


I have two identical win7x64 machines on different drops - one of them gets numerous "Bogus IP length" packets in the capture. About every 10 seconds there will appear 7 or 8 of these all at once. The other machine gets none. What can be the problem here? is it layer 1, as I suspect? Or could it be software layer?


asked 04 Mar '11, 11:41

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You are saying these are incoming, so I'm curious what they look like on the wire just before the pc receives them. So I'd bring up a pc on a span port of a switch and look at the packets in both locations. My initial guess is that it is something that the network card on the receiving pc is doing. Maybe some type of hardware offloading or something.

answered 05 Mar '11, 16:40

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Paul Stewart
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Or perhaps the offloading is being done on the sending PC, i.e. on the machine running Wireshark; are the packets in question being sent by that machine?

(07 Mar '11, 18:37) Guy Harris ♦♦