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See protocols other than http


I am looking to view the https from other computers connected to my network through an ethernet connection. It is showing other protocols such as udp, ssdp, and other random ones. I can view my https though. Anyone know how to fix this?

asked 13 Nov '13, 15:02

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I assume "other computers connected to my network through an ethernet connection" means your network is an Ethernet network rather than a Wi-Fi network.

If so, then you would need to capture in promiscuous mode, and, if you have a switched network, follow the Wireshark Wiki directions for setting up the switch to see all traffic flowing through it, if your switch supports that. (If it doesn't, you're out of luck.)

answered 13 Nov '13, 17:37

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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I'm sorry I'm confused how to set up this switch. I don't see where it explains that anywhere. If you could explain to me how to set up the switch I would appreciate it.

(13 Nov '13, 18:03) brad

Whether you can set it up at all, and how it would be done if it's possible, would depend on the switch. See the Wireshark Wiki switch reference for some models of switch.

(13 Nov '13, 18:08) Guy Harris ♦♦