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copying Preferences from Windows to Linux


I can open Wireshark fine on my newly minted Linux box, capture, analyze, looks good.

When I exit Wireshark, copy my .preferences directory from Windows to Linux, and then load Wireshark once more ... things most look good: The title bar: The Wireshark Network Analyzer [Wireshark 1.10.2 (SVN Rev Unknown from unknown)] The menu bar: File Edit View Go Capture Statistics Telephony Tools Internals Help And the various panels, in brilliant color ... all looks good ... although I notice that the status bar at the bottom is empty ... no way to change Profile, for example ...

If I select an interface and Start capture ... the screen goes mostly blank: The Title and Menu bars remains ... but everything else turns a light grey. I can still stop capture, using the Capture ... Stop ... and save using File ... Save ... and open using File... Open ... but none of this fixes the display: just grey, no packets, no status bar.

If I exit Wireshark, nuke ~/.wireshark, and restart, the GUI returns to full functionality.

So, sounds like some line preferences or preferences_common ... or perhaps in profiles/ ... confuses the GUI.

I can of course start commenting out preferences ... before I walk that path, any suggestions?

Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS


asked 14 Nov '13, 10:14

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One Answer:


You need to run dos2unix-o * to convert the files

answered 14 Nov '13, 21:56

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Ah, that fixes it, thanx --sk

(15 Nov '13, 08:23) skendric

Good to hear, would you please 'accept' the answer then to close it out.. Thanks

(15 Nov '13, 08:31) mrEEde

I accepted the answer, as the proposed solution fixed the problem.


(15 Nov '13, 13:14) Kurt Knochner ♦