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tshark SIP Statistics



Is there to way to get successful vs unsuccessful calls in a given pcap using tshark command line? I am using the example below and get some stats, but would need more. Also, no matter which pcap I use, the average set up is always showing up as 0, what am i missing?(there are definitely a lot of successfull calls in the files i am reading)

tshark -r sharktest.pcap -q -z sip,stat

SIP Statistics

Number of SIP messages: 28 Number of resent SIP messages: 25

  • SIP Status Codes in reply packets SIP 200 OK : 12 Packets

  • List of SIP Request methods INVITE : 4 Packets BYE : 12 Packets

  • Average setup time 0 ms Min 0 ms Max 0 ms

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