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Capturing TCP Packets from another computer


I'm having a lot of trouble capturing TCP packets from another computer. I can see my TCP packets but not the packets from the other computers on my network. I have promiscuous mode on and feel like everything is up. Please don't send me a link to the page that shows the different switches. I've gotten that so many times but I don't quite understand it. People send it to me but I don't understand it. If someone could help me with this problem I would appreciate it.

asked 25 Nov '13, 15:55

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For the packets you're looking for, are they going from those other computers toward your own?

Keep in mind that if you're capturing packets from your computer, you are only going to see packets that are being sent to or from your own network card. With Ethernet switches (the switches you're referring to?), traffic can go from one computer to another directly without all other computers on the network seeing the packets.

answered 25 Nov '13, 19:11

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Also have a look at the Ethernet Capture Setup page on the wiki.

(26 Nov '13, 01:53) grahamb ♦