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add error with bignumbers in lua


Hi guys, i have a problems doing the operation add with numbers of 64 bits

the following code return a incorrect value:

report_failure(string.format("%16x", ((0xfefefefe * math.pow(2,32))+0xabababab)))

this code should be return a window with the value fefefefeabababab, but return fefefefeababa800

any idea?

asked 27 Nov '13, 06:24

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Javier Aguinaga
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edited 27 Nov '13, 06:34

One Answer:


Lua stores all numbers (internally) as floats (by default double-precision floating point numbers). So you can't do 64-bit math very well in Lua. For some more details see this email on the wireshark-users mailing list.

answered 27 Nov '13, 11:25

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JeffMorriss ♦
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thanks, i'll see the links

(27 Nov '13, 12:00) Javier Aguinaga