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How do I view a raw HTTP request/response?


Given an HTTP request/response in the packet list, how do I copy the raw data for it?

I can see that I can click on it, and the "packet bytes" shows me some stuff, but it's not what I want. It shows me a hex representation of the bytes, and the textual representation in another two columns. I can't use a simple regex to filter out the useless hex representation, since the textual representation is incomplete: some characters, such as newlines, are replaced with periods. I could manually parse the hex representation and convert it to standard ASCII, but this seems like a stupid amount of work simply to undo work that Wireshark is doing and that I don't want it to do anyway.

asked 27 Nov '13, 15:43

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One Answer:


Right click one of the frames and select 'Follow TCP stream'


answered 27 Nov '13, 15:55

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