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not included monitor mode


now, here by-step instruction on how I do it

wi-fi:alfa awus036h

step 1: catch the traffic going through wlan1


-airmon-ng start wlan1

step 2: due to the fact that under the root wireshark wrote a mistake made the following

step 3: -wiershark (run from normal user)

when I choose the mon0 or wlan1 generates an error:

then try to turn on the monitor mode it gives me an error(see screenshot 2)

what will be your advice?

on OS back-track the error persists

asked 28 Nov '13, 02:06

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Sokolov Andrey
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One Answer:


what will be your advice?

First advice: Please stop creating new questions for the same problem, again and again!

It's easier to follow a problem in a single question, than in four different questions for the same problem.

Second advice: reply to those people who have answered you in other identical questions. Maybe that leads to something.

Third advice: Please try to capture on mon0 with dumpcap or tcpdump (as already mentioned in one of the solutions linked in your other questions!). What is the output of that command?

answered 28 Nov '13, 07:26

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