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Capturing 4 way handshake (EAPOL) - WS only captures 2?


I am able to decrypt and view all of my own IEEE 802.11 Packets by capturing the 4 EAPOL packets when I connect to a wpa-psk network and by adjusting the preferences.

Now my question/problem is that when i connect to the network using another computer while wireshark is capturing on my pc, Wireshark only captures 2 EAPOL packets. I have tried this many times with 2 other computers, and the same thing occurs where I only capture 2 EAPOL packets. And Wireshark can only decrypt the packets to SSDP.

Is there a reason or workaround for this because I do not understand why I can only capture 2 eapol packets? Thank you for any help or tips.

asked 13 Mar '11, 19:30

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