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Is there any way to see the codecs used in voip application in wireshark(G729,AMR…)


Hello, Is there any way to see the codecs used in VOIP application in wireshark(G729,AMR…).

I want to analyse a VOIP appliocation ,in which i can see SIP methods only.I didn't find a way to see any codecs used.Also i tried to see RTP packets,which i couldn't find(i searched for rtp for filtering)find.I actuallally made a call from VOIP application and was only able to see SIP protocol.Do anyone have any idea to analyse SRTP on wireshark.I am using MAC system.I couldn't find RTP for the same call.Can anyone help?

asked 24 Dec '13, 00:50

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You'll have to look for the SDP information exchanged between the SIP endpoints. This will tell how the media session is setup. But maybe it's non-standard, otherwise Wireshark would probably have picked it up.

answered 24 Dec '13, 15:12

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