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LTE Diameter Sh interface message not Decoding XML Data


Im not able to view the user Data which comes as XML in Diameter messages between PCRF and SPR on diameter Sh interface for eg PUR,UDA messages of Diameter,only third window shows that info which is difficult to view.

asked 27 Dec '13, 06:41

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What version of Wireshark are you using? It might work in 1.10.x

(27 Dec '13, 08:19) Anders ♦

This might sound picky of me, I know, but Sh is an IMS interface, not an LTE interface. While I'll grudgingly accept the radio network technology that is the EUTRAN being called by the name of the project that created it (LTE), I'll grin and bare EPC being referred to as the name of that radio access project that didn't create it, and I'll even contend with the whole EPS being collectively referred to as the name of that one radio access project, and as "4G" LTE to boot, but IMS interfaces? No - the line must be drawn.

IMS is Release 5 and is years older than the LTE project, as is the Sh interface. It wasn't all that popular, but dammit it existed. The EPC was intended to be as radio-agnostic as it could be, IMS is for the most part agnostic to the IP access method toward it (such as the EPC), yet somehow the LTE terminology virus is consuming all other technical systems that it expands into. If we give up this ground the Internet itself is in jeopardy.


(27 Dec '13, 19:01) Quadratic

Andres im using 1.10.5 and pumping traffic from seagull simulator,in user data AVP im getting User-Data as 3c5265706f73697..

(28 Dec '13, 05:29) mayoor

@Quadratic as per 3GPP 23.203 PCC architecture has SPR and we are testing Sp/Sh interface ,PCRF connected with AF which is referred as IMS node

(28 Dec '13, 05:31) mayoor

Yes Mayoor, that's what I'm saying, it's an IMS interface. It can be linked to the PcC architecture used by the EPC, which is also not tied to LTE.

LTE was a radio project, the resulting radio network (EUTRAN) kept its name, then the EPC (from the SAE project) started getting tagged as the "LTE Core", so EPS itself was taken over by that term, and now (not just you, a lot of people in the industry) are tying IMS nodes and interfaces with the term "LTE". Thus we have the name of a radio project now expanding itself into an access-agnostic SIP/RTP service network.

I know its not an answer to the question, just a comment but we must stop calling everything LTE.

(28 Dec '13, 07:19) Quadratic

thumbs up quadratic. yes Sh is an IMS interface, (HSS-AS), EPC is more apt term than LTE. :)

(04 Apr '14, 08:36) Sanny_D
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One Answer:


The diameter 3GPP sub dissector expects the content to start with "<?xml"

3GPP 3GPP TS 29.329

6.3.3 User-Data AVP The User-Data AVP is of type OctetString. This AVP contains the user data requested in the PUR and SNR operations and the data to be modified in the UPR operation . The exact content and format of this AVP is described in 3GPP TS 29.328 [1].

7.6 Data This information element contains an XML document conformant to the XML schema defined in Annex D. Annex C specifies the UML logical model of the data downloaded via the Sh interface.

So I suspect your data is malformed.

answered 28 Dec '13, 06:57

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Anders ♦
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when i copy/paste the data from User Data to notepad then it is decoded successfully,so i believe it is not corrupted for eg <repositorydata><serviceindication>CamiantUserData</serviceindication><sequencenumber>1</sequencenumber><servicedata><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0"encoding="UTF-8"?><subscriber><fieldname="msisdn">918802856800</field><fieldname="billingday">30</field><fieldname="tier">Diamond</field><fieldname="entitlement">1</field><fieldname="entitlement">2</field><fieldname="entitlement">3</field><fieldname="entitlement">Video</field><fieldname="custom1">301</field><fieldname="custom2">401</field><fieldname="custom3">501</field><fieldname="custom4">office</field></subscriber>]]></servicedata></repositorydata>

(28 Dec '13, 21:44) mayoor

I don't think your data is a "proper" xml document. I think it should look something like

<sh-data><publicidentifiers><imspublicidentity> : </sh-data>

e.g the xml document should srt with <?xml version

(29 Dec '13, 01:22) Anders ♦

That did not come out right: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <sh-data> : </sh-data>

(29 Dec '13, 01:23) Anders ♦