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wlan/wifi adapters that support hardware timestamp



Im current working in a indoor location system and want to use the TDOA approach. The main problem today is the timestamp that is generated by the kernel and not by the adapter. I need a wifi adapter that support hardware timestamping.

Searching around the internet i found some people saying that atheros adapters support hardware timestamp, can anyone confirm this?

Any one have a list? The only one i found is the Rivebed Airpcap, but, its very expensive.


asked 02 Jan '14, 08:02

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One Answer:


see my answer to a similar question

Brief summary: TP-Link TL-WN822N v2 with Atheros chipset AR7010+AR9287 seems to generate reasonable looking mactime values in the radiotap header (meaning hardware timestamps).


answered 09 Jan '14, 14:44

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thanks! i had tested with AR922X and AR9285X, both chipsets are sending data with hardware timestamp using the ath9k driver.

(isnt usb cards)

(18 Feb '14, 06:17) diego