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Time display format in VoIP calls (and SIP Call Flow) window



I have a question about time display format using in Wireshark. I prefer to use "Time of day" format, but "VoIP calls" analyser window and "Graph Analyse" Call Flow window do not support this time format, it always use time "Since beginning of capture". It is very inconvenient - when comparing long captures of VoIP activity from different NICs, for example. Or when debuging VoIP from long files, which are captured for a few days, etc.

Is it possible that the "VoIP calls" analyser window and "Graph Analyse" Call Flow window to legacy time display format from main window?

Thank you!

Best regards, Ramil Khankildiev

asked 23 Sep '10, 02:37

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That's a good enhancement request. Currently this is not possible, but the data is available internally, so it all comes down to creating the desired presentation in the GUI.

answered 23 Sep '10, 03:45

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Jaap ♦
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Thank you, it would be great. By the way, the RTP Player also uses time "Since beginning of capture". Fix'em all! :)

(23 Sep '10, 09:37) nreal


Not only is it a good enhancement request, it's a request that's already been made: Bug 1293

answered 06 Oct '10, 16:16

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