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User Guide for 1.2.15


Where can I find the user guide (preferably pdf) for version 1.2.15, which is the version installed by yum for CentOS 6.

asked 23 Jan '14, 11:45

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There are the man pages, e.g. man wireshark, the html version of the man page, /usr/share/wireshark/wireshark.html and the text help files in /usr/share/wireshark/help.

Note that this info was extracted from looking at the contents of the wireshark 1.2.15 rpms for Centos 6 found at

answered 23 Jan '14, 13:10

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Not from the Wireshark Web site. See if there are RPMs for CentOS 6 that include Wireshark documentation, and, if there are, see if any of them include the user manual. If not, you'd have to build it from source yourself.

answered 23 Jan '14, 15:41

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The CentOS RPM packages don't contain the User Guide (PDF file). Unfortunately, you cannot even build that PDF yourself for 1.2.x, as the docbook directory (contains the files to create the User Guide) is empty in the source code tar packages up until 1.4.0. I don't know how the User Guide has been created before 1.4.0 !?! Maybe it was just not part of the source code tar package.

So, here are your options:


answered 24 Jan '14, 07:24

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