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Wrong start file chosen for X11 on OSX


Hi i use Mac os X mavericks and when i originally installed wireshark i had to tell the program were X11 was i chose the wrong programe the mac thinks Apple script editor is X11 so wireshark doesn't run does start up X11 but doesn't function ive tryd to reinstall but that doesn't work and Apple script editor can't be removed...

any help is welcome

asked 31 Jan '14, 05:06

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Same questions from my side! To uninstall Wireshark didn't help (also rm -r ~/.wireshark*) By accident I have chosen Xcode at first start of Wireshark. Now I can't find the link between Wireshark and Xcode in any of the configuration files (incl. plist) to get rid of the wrong entry. Any help is more than welcome!


(05 Feb '14, 23:44) dsi

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I could solve the problem (more or less) with the following workaround: I moved the wrong program/application into the trash and started Wireshark. Voila - I was asked again for the location of X11. After choosing the right application I moved the wrong one back from trash.

answered 07 Feb '14, 02:29

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+1 for lateral thinking!

(07 Feb '14, 05:19) orionrush

I tried it before but failed because OSX not allow me move systeminformation to trash. please share me. I'm newbie on OSX.

(02 Nov '14, 07:10) deknoy