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Installing 64 bit on 2012 R2 VM -causes obsolete driver install??


Hi New to Wireshark. I have installed the latest 64bit version on a Citrix 6.0 VM Xen running a fully patched Win 2012 R2 64 bit server with windows auto update. The host for the VM is suggesting this has caused/triggered installation of citrix 5.5 drivers and other obsolete stuff. This then cause the VM to stop talking to the world in a big way. I cant find (Google) any references to this sort of problem. Also There was previously a reasonable amount of memory free, then we got memory alarms. Anyone had any similar problems with an Wireshark install causing various old drivers to be installed also?

Anyone installed Wireshark 64 on a Citrix xen 6.0 and windows 2012 R2 without problems please?

asked 06 Feb '14, 04:21

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One Answer:


The only driver that's being installed by the Wireshark installer package is the WinPcap NDIS driver, as part of the WinPcap installation. Wireshark itself has no drivers. That NDIS driver could be considered 'old' on a Windows 2012 R2. However, that's something the WinPcap community needs to fix. Please file a bug report for WinPcap

BTW: Can you please test if you get the same error message, when you install WinPcap only?


answered 06 Feb '14, 07:20

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