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wireshark filter for finding url of live stream video


I have an url:

If i open in the browser it shows the the streaming video. I cant get the url of the stream video from the http headers or the html code.

I there any way to find the address of the streamvideo comming using wireshark. I dont know how to check tcp things in wireshark

asked 11 Feb '14, 22:15

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One Answer:


I there any way to find the address of the streamvideo comming using wireshark.


  • start Wireshark capture
  • load the video and let it play for 30 seconds
  • stop Wireshark capture
  • Load statistics: Statistics -> Conversations -> TCP [Tab]
  • sort the list of connections and find the connection with the longest duration or max. bytes transferred
  • get the destination ip address
  • filter for dns in wireshark and find the request that matches the IP address. Hint: this step will only work if the client has not cached the DNS response from an earlier request!
  • take that name and build a filter like this: frame contains
  • you will find some RTMP connections. Look for rtmp:// in those frames to get the full URL



answered 13 Feb '14, 15:05

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Hi, I just would like to say thank you very much to Kurt. I start to study video streams in the end of 2011 and since today I never saw an explanation about how we can get adress of a streamvideo using Wireshark. I'd learn some today, so thanks again regards Roberto Diaz

(26 Oct '14, 07:00) cenahum

you're welcome!

(26 Oct '14, 15:28) Kurt Knochner ♦

I'm getting frames but how do I find the entry point? These seem to be chunks of .mp4 but there must be some index or entry point url.

(15 Apr '15, 20:48) John Doyle